The Best Finance Products and Apps for Creators

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Author: Alex Inca
Reviewed: Milano Awin
Updated: September 17, 2023
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You want to learn how to make money online? You're on the right page on the internet.

Getting Smart With Your Money

There are lots and lots of ways to make money as a creator. The first question you have to ask yourself is, what type of creator are you? What unique value, perspective or service are you bringing? Based on this, you can determine the best, most sensible ways for you to make money.

We'll cover the best in class tools for creators across the categories below. Let's get started.


Best Finance Apps & Platforms for Creators

Cash Advance Options for Creators

As a creator, whether you're posting on Instagram to your 100,000 followers, or you're a freelance photographer building a personal website - you might need to edit some images. Graphic design and photo editing tools have become incredibly advanced over the last decade. This is great for creators. Yet, now there's so many to pick from: Canva, PicsArt, Microsoft Designer. Let's not forget the old school Adobe Photoshop-type options.

So, how do you decide which tool to use in this ocean of options? We'll give you a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is that our best recommendation to you is to use Canva. It's powerful, easy to use, and extremely affordable. What's the long answer? This: Best Graphic Design and Photo Editing Tools.

Best Credit Cards for Creators

If you're trying to strike it big on YouTube, you'll need to either get good at video editing or find someone who can help you. Either way, you're going to need a great video editing tool.

What's a recommendation for the best video editing tool? InVideo. It's simple, not too expensive and easy to get started. If you start seeing success and need something more powerful, we recommend Animoto, but if you're getting started, InVideo will do the trick.

Here's the longer answer on all the different options: Best Video Editing Tools.

Best Banking Options and Loans for Creators

If you have an online profile on more than one social network, then you probably could use a link in bio tool. Since everyone has multiple online profiles, it's not shocking that the link in bio tools have tens of millions of users collectively.

There's at least 20 link in bio tools. That's a lot, but thankfully, we can tell you the handful that are worth picking between. If you're looking for the safest options, you can't go wrong with either Linktree or Beacons. Linktree, with over 30 million creators as of 2023, is the market leader, but Beacons with about 10 million creators, offer a more robust suite of functionality for more savvy creators.

There are others too: Best Link In Bio Tools.

Best Money Apps For Creators

You're not an influencer-type of creator? You need a full website since you need an online portfolio? There's tons and tons of platforms to help you build a site for yourself or your business. In fact, the entire Link in Bio space are effectively lite versions of building a websites. However, some creators need a full site.

Given how long this space has been around, the website builder space is very mature and the products are quite powerful. Our two top options are Squarespace and Webflow. Squarespace is perfect for creators who want an easy to manage site with a sleek design. You can almost can't make a Squarespace site look ugly. For creators looking for something more robust, Webflow is similarly design-friendly, but much more powerful. Webflow has a learning curve, but once you get it done, you can build rich sites that look like they were designed by professionals.

These are just two options. This space is saturated with options. Your ideal platform will depend on your specific needs: Best Website Builders.

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